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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity While Working from Home

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Are you looking for ways on how to become productive while working from home? I guess, we all are so you are not alone in this journey. Even before the pandemic started, remote working already existed and people who are into it might find it challenging to be more productive at times. We know what it’s like and how it feels to go through the feeling of not being able to do more things than expected. And so, we come up with these 7 simple yet effective ways to help you work at the peak of your performance even when you are working in the comfort of your home.


So, here it goes.


Create a Morning Routine

Early morning exercises will not only give you a strong and healthy body but can boost your mood as well. Your overall mood will determine how you would want your day to look. Surely, you’ll want to have an awesome day ahead and that is great. You’ll feel a lot more energized and a positive attitude comes your way. Having a good mood all day long helps combat stress associated with working. It also prevents mental and physical exhaustion that may lead to burnout. Just remember it doesn’t have to be tough and long. Set aside at least 20-30 minutes of your time in the morning, gear up, and just keep your body moving. Sweat it off and let these body movements do wonders to your day. This is something your future self will thank you for.

Prepping Up for a Long Day Ahead

Nothing beats being prepared for anything that may come your way. Before jumping off your bed and head on to your working table, have your itinerary ready. You may want to list down all the tasks that need to be done and identify their hierarchy of importance the night before you immerse yourself in your daily work chores. This way, you’ll find it easy to give priority to the more important task and have it done with all your effort and energy. Having a to-do list will give you many advantages that may seem pretty simple but the effect is huge and promising. If you want to be on top of the game,  prepping up ahead is a good practice for anyone who wants to boost their productivity level to its full potential.  

Have a Designated Working Space

Creating a space for you at home to maximize your productivity is a great factor. It is advisable that you have your room designated only for work and this should be separated from the other rooms in the house. This is because a separate room will help you focus and be more attentive at work. Your workspace doesn’t have to be big as long as all the equipment needed can be placed in that area. Make it minimal so you’ll have more space to breathe. Declutter things regularly. If a separate room is not available, you may turn one corner of your home into a working space. Make sure it is well lighted and with proper ventilation to make you feel more comfortable when working.

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Maintain a Regular Working Hour

What are regular work hours? This simply refers to the daily and weekly hours that the person is expected to render his or her services based on the employment contract. This may be fixed or flexible depending on the agreement between the two parties. While working from home can give you the flexibility of your time, it is best to still maintain regular work hours for your own benefit. Set your work hours and log off when it’s time to call it a day. When your work time is established, it is easier for everyone to know when you are on and off the clock. They will know when to disturb you and when it’s not.  By doing this, you can do other things outside your work that will help keep your sanity. Your mental health matters too!


Eliminate Distractions

Being at home 24/7 can be tough and may sometimes get you lose track of what is more important to you. Distractions are everywhere and may tend to draw your attention away from your work. To be productive, you have to get rid of the things that will make you lose your focus. Learn to manage potential distractions and interruptions that are struggling to get your full attention. One of the biggest challenges is the desire to browse and scroll through your social media feeds. More time is being spent managing different social media apps in the light to get connected and to give constant updates to everyone in your circle. While keeping in touch with anyone in the world is good, scrolling at your feeds must be avoided especially when you are on a shift.  

Setting Clear Boundaries with the People You Live With

Establishing boundaries with the people you live with or family members can be of great help. You must let them know that each of them plays a vital role as you traverse your day as a remote worker. Yes, we know that this is difficult especially if you have young children at home vying for your attention. They are very good at stealing your time without knowing you are too busy. Better talk to them about the importance of giving you the time to concentrate and focus on your tasks. Explain that there is an allotted time for everything and that whenever you are working they should not disturb you in any way.  Don’t feel bad about it. This is not being mean or rude if it will result in better performance at work.

Learn to Work Smarter Not Harder

In today’s digital era more and more tools and apps are being used to make your work and personal tasks easier to complete. There are paid and there are free tools as well. These tools and apps are readily available to help you reach your deadlines and goals in a shorter period. It makes you more effective and efficient at work. These tools can streamline processes and may get a lot of things done in a day. This is what working smarter is all about. Take advantage of these digital innovations and see what they can do to boost your productivity and become an effective and efficient remote worker.


As we began working from the comfort of our own home, all we wanted was to deliver the best output we could ever give. And like everyone else, we aim to be as productive as we could ever be. This article gives us a glimpse of simple yet effective ways to boost our productivity while working remotely. For some, working from home is tough especially when you have a lot of things to consider like having your young children around you, limited workspace, eliminating distractions, your time spent at work, and many more. But it can also be a source of motivation and strength to go on in life, move forward and aim to do more things while you can.


Being productive would mean getting more important things done efficiently. If we feel we are efficient enough, we are motivated and its positive impact on our well-being will be reflected. More time apart from work is an opportunity to make ourselves better and make the life of the people around us more promising than ever.


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